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comment for today ... and a comment to a add

what do i do

ive been haveing wierd dreams like my mum killing my sister ver and over again with razor blades im scared to shut my eyes... my energy has gone down so fast what do i do ive been taking laxitives i know i shouldnt be tho imy fear of becoming fat is getting worst i try and tell myself not to but there is a part of me telling me to.... how ndo i stop this i dont want this anymore i dont want t live this life... im trying to stay away from cutting tho it seemed to help me tho my mum knows about it and she will just abuse me like she always does
ever since pop diesd ive been down i have nobody that truly understands me my step dad trying to adopt me and its all to much for me working full time is killing me im weak and i just dont have the strenght to do what i do ... someone please help me

comment to a add:

im just like that... everything you said explains me i think ive moved on and happi and then it hits me and i start to hurt myself... the hole boyfriend thing if he loves you he will stick by you... me and my boyfriend have problems sometimes my depression is to hard for him to cope with but he will never leave me..

it takes time im 16 and i thought i would never be like this but i guess its one of those things my mum had depression since she was a teenager she was put in a mental war for along time i never wanted to be like her tho im heading in the exact place.. just know your not the onli one i understand and im here for you anytime...


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